The first image is a t-shirt deign I did for the band Sore History.

The second is a version of my commencement tunnel book poster that I digitalized to be featured on merchandise.

For the third, I was asked to create a design for the shirt and fanny pack that the 400+ employees of DigitasLBi Chicago would all wear during the day we volunteered to fix up a school on Chicago's west side. This design job is normally given to a senior designer but I was offered it despite being an intern.

Since DigitasLBi's logo is a unicorn, I chose to create a pattern of various different unicorns doing different tasks that related to what we would be doing that day (i.e. painting and hammering). Captains wore a heather green shirt with white ink and a white fanny pack with gold ink, while normal volunteers wore a off-white shirt with green ink.